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If you’re developing applications for Pico products and want to share code, hints and tips, or need help from other developers then our forum is the place for you.


Listed here are applications and example code for interfacing with Pico products.

If you’ve written something that you’d like to share with everyone then please tell us about your application.
A big thank you to those of you who have already submitted an app.

Pico product PicoScope 2000 Series (2104/5 and 2202/3/4/5 only)
Platform Java
Created by Hitesh Mistry
Description Console application providing a Java interface to the PicoScope 2000 Series API, allowing the user to capture data in block mode and the built–in function generator.
Pico product PicoScope 2000 Series (and above)
Platform C
Created by Joonas Pihlajamaa
Description Simple suite of console applications that allow using a 2–channel 2000 series PicoScope as a 4–channel logic analyzer. Note that this is not a commercial product, but a freely expandable proof of concept licensed under GPL.
Pico product PicoScope 2203, 2204 and 2205
Platform LabVIEW
Created by Ktizo Technology Solutions
Description We have developed a set of 3rd party drivers for the developer community to use and modify. They include some nice example programmes too, including a decent autoscale function.
Pico product PicoScope 2000 Series
Platform MATLAB
Created by Doekle Yntema
Description Simple Picoscope interface to MATLAB example. It explains how to load the library functions within MATLAB and use some of the functions in a small function script.
Pico product PicoScope 5000 Series
Platform MATLAB
Created by Simon Sigaard
Files Download the files for this application (368 KiB)
Description A simple script which sends a sinewave through the signal generator on the PicoScope 5000. Can easily be configured to send other waveforms. Function calls from the PS5000 API: ps5000OpenUnit, ps5000SetSigGenBuiltIn and ps5000CloseUnit. A multimeter can be used to verify the output.
Pico product USB TC-08 Thermocouple Data Logger
Platform LabVIEW
Created by Mike Rendall
Description I have written a LabVIEW VI for the TC-08 USB datalogger. I have uploaded it to the NI website where it is freely downloadable.
These VIs provide a more uniform route to communicating with the TC-08. They also allow modification of parameters such as temperature readback.
Pico product USB TC-08 Thermocouple Data Logger
Platform Python
Created by  
Description Class providing a Python interface to a TC-08.


OpenPCD Passive RFID Project

OpenPCD is an open source and open hardware project around Near Field Communication (NFC), RFID reader, writer and emulator hardware. The intention of the OpenPCD project is to offer the users full hardware control of the RFID signal and to provide various output signals for screening the communication.

As part of the OpenPCD project a PicoRFID Sniffer for PicoScope is available. This uses an OpenPICC SnifferOnly front–end together with a PicoScope 3204A to sniff the 13.56 MHz RFID card transactions.

Find out more about the OpenPCD project

DrDAQ Application Project

The DrDAQ Application Project intends to build applications which surround the parallel port version of the DrDAQ Data Logger.

As it is with any Open Source project, the DrDAQ application project can only grow and prosper if the people using the code give something back in return.

If you are an experienced Linux developer or kernel hacker the project could use your contributions.

The code is written with the KISS philosophy in mind. As such even a novice C programmer could study and understand the code. So even if you are just starting out as a Linux developer your contribution to this effort is welcome.

Find out more about the DrDAQ Application Project